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Turn every celebration into UnforgettableMemorableColorfulExciting

Transform your celebration into an unforgettable experience with our stunning balloon decor! From vibrant arches to elegant centerpieces, our custom designs will add a touch of magic to any event, making your special moments truly spectacular

About us

BoomBalloon Studio was created by a mom who wanted to make the celebration of her daughter's first birthday unforgettable.

With the help of her husband, they specialize in creating unique and colorful balloon designs that turn ordinary things into extraordinary ones. BoomBalloon Studio stands tall in Alberta, inviting everyone to witness the magic of their craft.

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Elevate your occasions with the enchantment of BoomBalloon! Our curated collection of balloon gifts and decorations turns every moment into a memory that soars . Whether you're celebrating birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or just want to add a touch of whimsy to your day, we've got the perfect balloons to make your moments magical.

Backdrop frames and walls

Transform any space with our stunning balloon backdrop frames and walls!
Elevate your event with a burst of color and creativity. Perfect for memorable celebrations. Order yours today!

Handcrafted gifts for special occasions

Gifts That Float Above the Rest
From charming balloon sculptures to personalized balloon arrangements, our gifts are a delightful way to express yourself.

Breathtaking Bouquets

Choose from an array of colors, shapes, and themes to suit any occasion.
Add a pop of joy to any celebration with our vibrant balloon bouquets and chill in style!

Garlands, mosaics and more...

Give a twist to your parties with our balloon garlands,mosaics and more.
Our vibrant colors and unique designs will give you a festive touch that leaves lasting memories!

Let us deliver joy to your events!

Grab and go, mosaics, walls, gifts and more...

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