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Get to know our sizes

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Location and Service Details:

We are in the Northside of Edmonton, Caernarvon Neighborhood and Alberta Avenue. We only take in person consultations with appointment. We service Edmonton and surrounding area. We Travel.

$250 for Custom Orders before delivery and Gst. No limit for Grab and Go Items.

The sooner the better as we have limited spots available per day.

We do offer delivery and installation for custom installations and other products for and additional fee depending on the distance from our Studio.

Pricing and Quotes:

Custom balloon decor cost will depend on many factors like design, volume, colours, embellishments, and add-ons. Garland price is measured in square feet, so measurements of the space are really important. You can inquire to get a quote if you are interested in our services.

This is the perfect budget friendly option for your party! Is a garland constructed by us, picked up and hanged by you. You can choose up to 3 colours from our Colour Chart for your garland.

Pick up for Grab and Go Garlands are Tuesdays to Thursdays from 3PM to 6PM

We can put together DIY packages for you. You can pick up to 3 colours from our Colour Chart. Message us and we will put it together for you. Price $48. You will receive:

  • 33 - 12" balloons
  • 3 - 19" balloons
  • 12 - 5" balloons
  • Install Kit
  • Instructions

Balloon Durability:

We only use the top balloon brands that are 100% certified biodegradable, and the highest quality materials to construct all our creations. but we can’t guarantee a specific time as there are many factors to consider. Environmental factors such as weather, children, pets, embellishments, surfaces, and many others are out of our control. We are not responsible for any balloons after they have been picked up or delivered.

From personal experience we had mosaics and garlands last for weeks/ months in a control weather environment.

Helium is a natural gas with smaller particles than air. Latex balloons have a porous surface. We apply a special coating inside latex balloons to extend their floating life. Floating life will depend on the size of the balloons and amount of helium in them.

  • 12" balloons will float for around 3 business days.
  • 19" balloons will float for around 5 business days.
  • 3 feet balloons will float for around 10 days.

Keep in mind that this are just estimated times in perfect weather conditions, we are not responsible for balloons after we delivered them, or they have been picked up. Weather and other environmental conditions will affect floating time.

Event Specifics:

We can try but can't guarantee we will have the availability, we will sure make our best effort to fit you in before we say no.

It depends on the complexity and size of the installation. We try to bring everything pre-inflated if possible. A 10/15 feet garland will take around 45 minutes. Make sure you let us know about the time restrictions you might have for your event so we can work together to make your event beautiful and stress free.

We use different techniques to avoid any damage to the surfaces we are installing. If there are not any attachment points available, we can use the most common method that are command hooks for indoor installations.

Rental and Cancellation Policies:

We only rent our Sweet Cart, Walls, neon lights, pedestals, and other props with our balloon decorations. There will be a $100 damage fee in your invoice. The damage fee is fully refundable if our props are picked up in the same condition they were delivered in. The refund will be issued withing one week after your event.

If you need to reschedule your booking, you must do so at least one week prior to your event date. There will be no penalties and we will apply your deposit to a future booking (Next booking needs to be within 6 months of the original event date and it will depend on our schedule availability). Cancellations less than one week from your event are no longer eligible to be rescheduled. Deposits are non-refundable.

Ordering Process:

You can order our grab and go products from our website, for custom installations you can inquire on our services tab.

Environmental Concerns:

Don’t let go! Despite latex balloons being 100% biodegradable, we do not recommend balloon releases because what goes up must come down. Mylar balloons are not biodegradable, neither is the ribbon used to hold them. Litter is potentially dangerous to wildlife, and we do not want to be part of it. We recommend that all balloons are popped and binned after you are done enjoying them.

There are many kinds of balloons, the most common one we use are latex balloons. They are made from the sap harvested from the rubber tree. We also use Mylar balloons made from nylon fabric.

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