Learn with BoomBalloon - Foam Board Balloon Boxes from A to Z

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Online Class: Balloon Boxes

If you want to learn how to work these wonderful and versatile balloon boxes efficiently and professionally, do not miss this opportunity.

My name is Ariana Villarreal and with the help of my husband Roberto Valencia we will teach you how to make this projects. I am the creative mind behind BoomBalloon Gift Shop; I have been with my BoomBalloon.ca for almost 3 years. However, I have many years of experience doing all kinds of crafts and creative things. My husband's experience led us to find our secret weapon for the Boxes and you will be learning from both hands.

With us you will learn how to get costs and budgets for this product, you will receive the spreadsheet that I use to do so, you will also find out where we buy all the materials and tools that we use (which are very different from those used by most people who make these boxes and Our Secret Weapon). We will proceed to assemble the boxes to turn them into beautiful final projects to obtain spectacular photos. Swipe to see samples of projects we have done before.

We will give you tips on how to work in a more efficient way to reduce waste and we will talk about the different techniques of assembling and filling balloon boxes. Yes, there is more than one way. In addition, you will learn how we work them in the daily. Finally as a bonus, we will create a rainbow of balloons with the duplet technique to complement one of the projects that we will be doing.

If you practice, everything you have learned from I can say that you will be able to build any type of number, letter or figure you can imagine.

Although we will be teaching this workshop together, it does not take two people to assemble the boxes from start to finish, we know that the different experiences of the two of us will add a lot to your experience during the class and will help us get to all the answers and details more efficiently.

The class will be through Zoom and we estimate that it will last around 6 hours, but it will surely be much longer. The class is live and will be recorded for 15 days so that you can see it again as many times, as you need

  • Time: 2:00 PM Mountain time
  • Day: Sunday, December 12
  • Investment: $ 235

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