Big Boom Balloon

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It’s Big! It’s colourful! it’s uplifting! It’s a BIG BOOM coming to cheer you up! How awesome is it to send a special message to those we love, how much fun would it be if the message arrives written on a BIG BOOM BALLOON!!! 

This balloon is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and any other celebration!! 

Make sure to describe the theme or colours you would like us to use for the tassel 

***Our BIG BOOM is individually handcrafted wont look exactly the same. It also contains helium and will float for several days depending on care and weather conditions. Substitutions may be made at our discretion with the intentions to achieve the best final product

 *Wildberry is the one in the first picture, message us if you need help with the colours** 

Please note that photos are intended as a reference and some photos may or may not include other products (not included in the price) to create context. Please read the description carefully and the name of the product and what it includes


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