Our Story

My name is Ariana, I am happily married to Roberto, together we have the most beautiful daughter Anna and Timbit our crazy Beagle.

Everything started in our basement one night, I decided to blow up a few balloons and I noticed how our daughters face just lit up. She was so happy around them, she kept on passing me more and more and more balloons to inflate, I quickly started running out of air. That did not stop for weeks. Every time we came down to the basement she kept on playing with them, tossing them, trying to sit on them, popping them, you name it! She was just pure joy around them.

One day I came across a twisting balloon set at our local Dollarama, so I started watching videos on how to make balloon animals and other things to keep her entertained.  And I just fell in love with all the magical stuff you can create with them.

Then I started researching more and more each day, I started buying Qualatex Balloons from Amazon. One thing lead me to another and here we are now!, Balloons are amazing, the colours, the flexibility, and the possibilities!

And that’s how I decided to open a home base business. I feel I found something so special and magical I wanted to share it with all of you! Once I stated I decided to invest in lots of training and equipment. 

I have done lots of online training but hands on raining has taken me to Calgary and Miami so far and I cant wait to see were else it takes me.

Let your imagination fly like a balloon full of helium with no strings attached to it.


-Ariana & Family