Blog# 1 - Starting my Blog & Getting to know me

Staring was probably the most exciting part of all this process. I am learning as I go everyday. This is a home base online business. My husband and I work full time jobs.
So far, in all honestly its been mostly sleepless nights of researching and creating ideas, and all that fun stuff. Getting everything set up is lots of work, as I am trying to do it all by myself. but all worth it in my opinion. I think this blog is a great tool and a great way for my future self to see how things go. I hope you also find this helpful somehow.
As a disclaimer I would like to say this is just me, my random thoughts and my personal opinion (I have been told I am opinionated in the past), any information in my blog is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge, but there may be omissions, errors or mistakes. my blog is only for entertainment purposes not to be taken as any type of professional advise. I am here to encourage you to follow your heart, have a bit of fun and just enjoy life. 
After having my daughter I feel my world has completely change. having kids is a lifestyle change. I love being a mom. Looking back now I feel I was a little to uptight, to strict, to grumpy (Roberto will definitely agree, he used to describe us as the nice guy and the bitchy wife), now I find myself being less worry about being in control of everything and I am working on letting go of unnecessary negative emotions and just not being a control freak. I want my daughter to be a world citizen who has manners, is kind, mindful, and independent. 
To end this entry, I just wat to say thank you for taking the time reading this, I know my grammar is not the best. English is my second language. Another reason why I started this blog to helps me improve my writing skills. ;)