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Balloon Release alternatives

Blow Bubbles 

Releasing them into the air is such a beautiful sight, it can also be very meaningful and special. This can be done with individual bubble wands or with a bubble machine, just make sure that to have a power cord available as well as bubble solution. I got myself a bubble machine from amazon that I absolutely love on this link right here. there is no cleanup after blowing the bubbles as they would just fly away until the pop and disappear a few moments after the machine is shut off or you stop blowing the bubbles.

Light Candles 

This idea would work better at night if you are trying to create a beautiful atmosphere. one tea light per guess should be sufficient, just make sure you have a lighter and you do this on a flat surface away from anything flammable and make sure to look after them until they are completely melted or blown out. you can take this special peaceful moment to say a few words and have a moment of silence to remember a loved one or just enjoy the moment.

Painting Stones

This is such a special way to bring people together and celebrate and commemorate something special. You will need painting rocks, acrylic paint or paint markers, paint brush and a sealer if you wish to protect them for long term. The best part of this is that everyone can participate and make a one of a kind looking rock.

If you have any other recommendations about other alternatives for balloon releases message me or comment below 


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